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New ShopQZR Products Released!

We have just added all of the "QZR Collection" to ShopQZR and NEW never-before-seen products. Here's some more information about what's going on with ShopQZR.

We have added all of the "QZR Collection" products from We have released some new face masks on ShopQZR and we will be adding new products each week.

Please comment what types of products you would like to see on ShopQZR so we have a better understanding on what our community wants to see.

ShopQZR will be donating to environmental fundraisers and more non-profit organizations in the future after we get the website done.

Lowered prices and more products?

We added Shorts, T-Shirts, Phone cases for iPhone and Samsung, Fanny Pack, Backpack, Stickers, and more facemasks. We also LOWERED THE PRICES on Hoodies, Facemasks, Bags, and T-Shirts. #LowerPrices #NewProducts #News

When will ShopQZR be accepting payment?

ShopQZR will be accepting payment once the website is completed. We will be updating what's going on with the site on our social media pages and this news page. If you want to purchase products see on this website please go to until this site is completed. Once ShopQZR is completed the "QZR Collection" will be removed along with some other collections from teamqazer's shop and moved to ShopQZR. #News

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