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New Site Look, TeamQazer Merch, Affiliate Program & Much More

We have updated our website and added more way payment options, all of TeamQazer's products, an affiliate program, online gift cards and much more!

We changed the design of our home page, shop page and added some new site pages. *Please note the website is subject to change.

Weekly exclusive drops coming soon!

Shop QZR (Qazer INC.) will be donating to environmental fundraisers and more non-profit organizations in the future after we get the website done.

What got updated on the website?

We updated the shop page, added the affiliate program, updated our products, added a online gift card page, made a new shop page for TeamQazer, updated the store policy page, added new SEO to the pages, and lots more behind the scenes stuff.

What prices got lowered?

We lowered all the prices for our products fore example, Regular Hoodie (non collection) $39.99 - $35.99, Regular Sweatpants (non collection) $29.99 - $25.99, and Regular Mask (non collection) $15.99 - $12.99. All ShopQZR & TeamQazer Prices have been lowered.

Where's the TeamQazer merch?

We added all of the TeamQazer products to ShopQZR. We move all of TeamQazer's regular products along with our collections and collaborations. Here's a list of the collections we moved, Anti Qazer, Off Qazer, We Are Family, Q Man, and Catqqn. Here's a list of the collaborations that we moved, Champion, Adidas, American Apparel, and Case Mate.

What is the QZR Affiliate Program?

When you join the QZR Affiliate Program you can earn up to 15% with every purchase using your affiliate link or code. When you start the program you will earn 2.5% but with every level you go up, the percent goes up. When you join the QZR Affiliate Program you will get a custom discount code. Once you sign up go to the affiliate home page and request a custom code. The code will give you commissions (at your specified rate) and gives the person using the code a discount. As well as a custom discount you can get a custom product referral link and custom website referral link. When in the QZR Affiliate Program you will get 24/7 consulting support to help you with any QZR Affiliate Program questions or concerns. We are also here to help manage your products and are always available for payout help.

What are the new Online Gift Cards?

We just introduced new QZR Gift Cards that you can use at our online shop. You can get one for yourself or send it to someone's email. This makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays and much more. The are able to hold $10 - $500 USD.

What are the updated payment methods?

ShopQZR accepts many lots of payment methods such as, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, ChinaUnionPay, JBC, Diners, CartesBancaires, Discover, Electron, Maestro, and Bitcoin transactions. Payments are all processed with 128 bit encrypted SSL to increase the security of our customer's information and your info is secured by their servers. How ever if you pick PayPal it is processed with their servers that also have SSL protections.


Old ShopQZR News

What got updated on the website?

We updated the homepage text/logo, added more payment options, added payment icons to the page, updated shipping, added new heeder backgrounds to each page and updated terms for our shop.

What's the new Exclusive drop?

We added new exclusive products to our shop. The collection is called "QZR Heart" and it will be available when the website is published.

Note: Spelling error is fixed

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