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The new ShopQZR website is almost done!

ShopQZR or Shop Qazer has a new website on the way. We are listing some of its latest features that differ from the last website.

Imagine a streetwear brand that's just for you. A stylish design on each product and new releases every Friday, Giveaways and World Wide Shipping what's better than that? I'll tell you, this new ShopQZR website is better than you could ever imagine. This new website has Faster Load Times, a Cleaner / More User-Friendly Interface, and Way More Payment Methods. So what we're trying to say is this website is easier to use.

ShopQZR is an Urban Streetwear Clothing Brand. ShopQZR 2.0 is almost here, so stay ready and keep a look out.

We are hoping that this brand can continue to grow and build up an amazing community around our clothes and designs. We are hoping that this brand helps people form connections and bring positivity from all around the world. When you see someone else in QZR clothing you know they are about helping the world and bring positivity and kindness into it. ShopQZR is more than a brand or team we are all a family.

Weekly Product Drops and Giveaways?

We are planning on starting exclusive product drops every Friday and hosting merch / cash prize giveaway the same week. We will be updating the website with a Giveaway page in the next few days and will be making a news post about it.

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